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  • How much advance notice do you require?
    In most situations at least 48hrs (due to weather, site prep, permissions, charging batteries etc.) In cases such as large advertised events, things are much more complicated and in order to obtain proper permissions through Transport Canada, a minimum of 30 days is required. It's also difficult to say for certain that a specific date/time will be possible. Weather doesn't always co-operate. (See weather question below)
  • We had a family member capture aerial video for free but the footage looks amateur... can you fix it?
    No. Sorry.
  • How high/fast/far can you fly?
    The legal limit is 400 feet although in most situations any higher isn't necessay. A good rule of thumb is to assume the drone can capture about 20 acres in a single, nadir (camera pointing directly down), shot from 400 feet. The drone is capable of reaching 75km/h and can be operated up to 8km away. That being said, we obey ALL drone laws and will only operate within visual line of site and won't fly in such a manner as to put bystanders or crew in harms way.
  • Can you fly near airports?
    It depends. Although it is true there are some locations and areas that are either off-limits or have additional height restrictions, we can fly near, or even at, most airports if we can obtain the necessary legal permission. If you are unsure of the viability of a particular location, shoot us an email or give us a call. We're happy to help take a look!
  • What weather conditions are required?
    We comply with all the safety documentation provided by our drone manufacturer. Therefore: Will will not fly in the rain, or falling snow. Temperature must be between -10°C and 40°C. Wind gusts below 36km/h There are some other factors that may also prevent a safe take-off which could result from things happening in space such as solar flares and less then required satellites locked on for the drone to respond properly or prevent loss of signal.
  • How much is your hourly rate?
    We’ve found that most of our clients are more interested in us getting the job done than they are about how much time it takes us to complete. As such, we do not charge an hourly rate but rather quote based on the project. Many independent drone operators will include travel time, breaks, and more when determining a final price. We eliminate that uncertainty and unnecessary stress by billing only the amount you are originally quoted. Every situation is also different. Some simple jobs like a realty photo doesn't require extra crew or much post-production while others require extensive preparation, additional crew members, and lots of post production.
  • Do you charge for travel?
    Depending on the distance of travel required, we will factor that in when providing the quote. The quote we provide will be simple and straightforward and there won’t be any unexpected expenses.
  • Do you accept eTransfer, credit cards or cheques?"
    Yes we do. Please let us know which option works best for you and we will include the appropriate instructions with your invoice.
  • Can I get just one photo?
    We can certainly share a single photo with you; however, for most projects, image quantity does not affect price. We typically advise clients to look at all of the photos we capture and choose for themselves which ones they personally think are best. It can be challenging to verbally communicate the precise heights, angles, distances of preferred shots, so we always like to capture as many shots as is reasonable to ensure enough variety to provide the photos you have in mind.
  • Do you provide post-processing?
    Yes. In fact, all photos and videos will undergo some colour correction to ensure we only deliver a quality product. In the event you require original untouched footage, arragements can be made.
  • When is the best time to do a shoot?
    This depends on what you are trying to accomplish and your personal preferences. Typically the best lighting comes when the sun is low - shortly after sunrise or shortly before sunset.
  • Do you offer mapping or lidar services?
    At this time we are not providing those services, however, as demand for these services continues to evolve, so will we.
  • How close to people can you fly?
    15 feet horizontally from bystanders. There is no minimum distance for those who are involved in the operation.
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