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How is a quote calculated?

Most drone businesses don’t charge an hourly rate but rather will base it on the project to avoid being on the clock and risking safety by being pressured to take as little time as possible. It also avoids unexpected or hidden costs… the price we quote is the price it costs.

The actual time we spend in the air has nothing to do with how much we charge. One photo costs the same as a dozen and one video will contain a series of several clips from angles/perspectives.  Some factors that will affect the quote are:

  • The amount of documentation and time required to obtain permissions and/or airspace authorization.

  • Whether or not additional crew is required.

  • More advanced post-processing techniques of photos and videos. (ie: adding motion graphics or removing objects from footage)

  • Additional out of pocket expenses (ie: parking, gas, etc)

  • How complicated the mission is (flying between tall building, near radio towers, low altitude tracking of a fast-moving vehicle, etc.)


That being said, a shoot that takes place in G airspace (uncontrolled) on the clients' own land is relatively simple and thus much cheaper than flying at a facility that manufactures military equipment near the airport or a large advertised event with 10,000 people attending.

The best place to start is by simply filling out this form to get a quote. The more detailed the information you provide in the goals and objectives box the better!

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